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The Right to Dream: Story of Rajeev Kumar

The Right to Dream: Story of Rajeev Kumar

There is a popular proverb in Spanish: “Soñar es gratis” meaning, dreaming is free, you don’t have to pay for it, but it’s not actually quite true for millions of children and adults out there in the world, rather it proves to be the most expensive thing for them that exist in the universe. Indeed for some it is a privilege, at the same time, for others to dream of something is a dream in itself; despite being free they have to pay a huge price for it. So many visionaries, peace lovers, great educators and people-person have always endeavored throughout the history to make the dream of the Nobodies, dream of the NO ONES, dream of those who cannot afford to dream, come true. Also the world has had many who have made their ancestors’ ambitions, desires and dreams as their own, and they have put in all the possible efforts to make their dreams reality. One such is the dream, vision and hope of the founder of Umran, Rajeev Kumar, who is inspired and influenced by the dream of his grandfather, he is pursuing the dreams of his visionary grandfather. He is working round the clock relentlessly to fill millions of eyes and millions of hearts with his dreams, aspirations and ambitions. Since then he came up with the idea and vision of UMRAN, a vibrant platform for all dreamers and aspirants from across the globe. We at UMRAN are longing for a world wherein nobody is deprived of the dream, nobody is so poverty-stricken and impoverished that can’t even have a desire or ambition. Now, today and every day we are dreaming for people for whom survival is much much much more important than anything else, lives’ hardships and struggles don’t allow them to wish and to desire. We are bringing disadvantaged and needy people from all over the world together on this platform.

No country, no human rights organization in the world has declared the right to dream as a basic right, though it must be. As Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan prominent writer has aptly proclaimed: “If we don’t have the right to dream, or the water it gives us to drink, the other rights would die of thirst”. In the absence of the right to dream, desire and aspire, despite having in place other basic rights such as right to quality education, right to live and right to equality etc, are futile and vain. Therefore, the UMRAN family is striving for making the dream basic right (not officially but practically of course) of each and every one alive on this planet, may he live in the hustling bustling metropolitan city or in the far remote disconnected village. We strive for making the world dream, desire, hope and aspire, and that too not just dream but rather dream enough big. Do come join us in this visionary journey. As we hope for a generation full of visions, we yearn for children and age of all people who may live full of dreams and ambitions. We also aim to become hope for millions. Let’s join hands together to make this vision and dream reality.

-Meraj Alam, English Teacher at Colombia University, Ph.D Scholar of Spanish Studies, JNU

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