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“The Umran Green Perspective Foundation is a registered non-profit organization founded by Rajeev Kumar with the vision of encouraging a communicative society and inspiring humanity towards greater peace and prosperity. It encompasses a unique educational process that re-imagines the material world, overcomes national, social, cultural, and confessional  boundaries, empowers women, and emphasizes respect for the natural environment. Umran draws inspiration from Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus School concept, Ibn Haldun’s “Ilm al-Umran,” and Bruce B. Lawrence’s barzakh logic, which expresses the Sanskrit notion Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The Whole World is One Family).  We started our mission with the inauguration of Umran Green School’s online language program, which offers accessible instruction in 15 world languages, and with the establishment of the SLY Library in Jaynagar, Bihar, which imparted a fresh ray of hope, particularly for girls and vulnerable children.”

Our strategic priorities for 2022-23:
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SLY Library, Akaunha, Jaynagar (Bihar)

Education is emancipation but right education is salvation.

The Umran Green Perspective Foundation aims to make education more accessible to underserved areas of India’s villages. UMRAN’s mission is to extend education to the farthest corners of the world, where it may help society change and progress.

UMRAN, which is involved in a number of educational programs, has launched a new venture in Akaunha Village, Jaynagar, Madhubani, Bihar, India.

We support good causes & try to develop a communicative society all over the world

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For SLY Library, we need about 5,000 USD for bookshelf, books, stationery for children, tables and chairs, musical instruments, accessories for activities

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We’ve have been working on many projects & benefited thousands of people around the world in short span of time

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You can join us as a volunteer from anywhere in the world. You may help us both physically and electronically by volunteering with us. Let us join hands now to make a difference and complete the mission.

Popular Causes

At Umran, we don't do charity. We strongly believe in cultivating a better future for our next generation.

Deep Shikha Student, School of Turkish

The teacher is one of the best we have, knows her subject, engages with all the students and gives many examples. The sessions are very diverse and engaging. They are a well integrated part of the language course and something one looks forward to. It is a surprise gift one receives weekly!

Arshid Ul Islam Teaching Assistant, School of Arabic

Greetings to everyone. I have been associated with Ümran for almost a year now. I truly appreciate this enthusiastic endeavour of Rajeev Sir benifiting the whole world. The whole virtual construct of UGS is appreciable at epitome in every way as its classes are highly pedagogical that it draws out the best in every student as well as teacher. Also the Cultural Program helps to interact with other cultures and traditions; learning theirs and teaching them ours.

Aliza Khan Administrative Assistant

My message for Rajeev sir (Director of Umran Green School) is that you must stay strong no matter whatever comes your way whatever the circumstances are and how hard they are you must stay strong for fulfilling your mission (UGS). The people of Jayanagar, India and various other countries need you as the knowledge you are providing them is invaluable. Please never lose hope as Allah (God) will always help you and He is always with you in every possible way.

Md Mujibul Haque Zeya Teacher, School of Arabic

I'm delighted to be a part of UGS for last 1.5 years, it's a great journey and opportunity to learn and gain so much things. Without traveling to world and many countries I learnt about that countries and places, I made many friends worldwide, and this was possible just because of Umran. I would like to congratulate Mr. Rajeev Kumar and his team for this initiative that is building a safe and light future, and working hard for underprivileged children.

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