Our Mission

Impact through education

“We envision an Umran Green School, drawing inspiration from the concept of the Bauhaus School of Walter Gropius and ilm al-umran of Ibn Haldun. We are working to establish the school physically in Jaynagar, Madhubani, Bihar, India, to encourage communication in society empowering women, and inspire humanity to achieve peace and prosperity through its unique educational programs that re-imagine the material world and foster respect for the environment. We initiated this dream project with the establishment of SLY Library in the region, which gave a fresh ray of hope in particular for girls and vulnerable children.”

Our strategic priorities for 2022-23:
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Popular Causes

At Umran, we don't do charity. We strongly believe in cultivating a better future for our next generation.

Education is emancipation but right education is salvation.

The Umran Green Perspective Foundation aims to make education more accessible to underserved areas of India’s villages. UMRAN’s mission is to extend education to the farthest corners of the world, where it may help society change and progress.

UMRAN, which is involved in a number of educational programs, has launched a new venture in Akaunha Village, Jaynagar, Madhubani, Bihar, India.

We support good causes & try to develop a communicative society all over the world

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For SLY Library, we need about 5,000 USD for bookshelf, books, stationery for children, tables and chairs, musical instruments, accessories for activities

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We’ve have been working on many projects & benefited thousands of people around the world in short span of time

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You can join us as a volunteer from anywhere in the world. You may help us both physically and electronically by volunteering with us. Let us join hands now to make a difference and complete the mission.

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