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Dear All and Umran Team;

 I’m grateful for your participation in the cause we’ve started. Umran is a symbol of hope, and it might be a single organization that serves as a link between different identities and communities, attempting to communicate. As a result, it is a source of hope in a world where we are experiencing social upheaval, spiritual turmoil, socio-political instability, and economic and environmental crises. It isn’t a recent occurrence, to be sure. Thousands of years have passed, but we still haven’t managed to create a society with fewer conflicts. More than the art of living, we have been mastering the skill of destruction. As a result, it’s possible that persons like Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Sankara, Kabir, Bulleh Sah, Rumi, and many others who are unknown like us are crucial figures who represent humanity’s and cosmology’s promise.

I value you all and encourage you to improve communication and understanding among us first, so that we can effect change or carry out our mission. I feel we are still immature yet full of promise, and that one day, we, as Umran, will be mature, with wisdom that will benefit many for a generation.