Umran Green Perspective Foundation has a clear vision when it comes to being a factor that will bring a real change to the society and that will uplift those in need. For this reason, our team works day and night in order to come up with ideas that will lead us one step towards the achievement of our goals. 
One of the latest projects is the HANDICRAFT PROJECT which aims that through the produce and the selling of the handmade products,  new jobs will be generated for those who have found themselves hopeless amid the COVID-19 pandemic or for those who had no job and need one. On the other hand, the surplus of the income will be directly a contribution to the artisans.

In order to make this project come to life, UMRAN will provide specialized training by professionals of the field to teach the art of the handmade products. In this way, everyone who is interested in making a living will have the option of joining and working with us, however, those who are already experienced, are working with us to provide them training.
The product will be advertised and promoted through our wide network and will be sold in various websites and/or shops. The income will be used to support the ones who make the products.These products, which are eco-friendly, will be a balance between a now-forgotten beautiful craft, a nice toy that can be played with and the work for our vision.

Mithila Boutique