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Umran Green School Online Language Courses with Certificates

Umran Green School offers  language classes with certifications and scholarship to anyone who are interested. The languages will assist students in achieving their educational and career objectives, as well as provide them with culturally varied exposure, allowing them to address problems such as women’s empowerment, humanitarian aid, and international collaboration. We want to re-imagine a society with fewer social differences and more environmentally conscious people.

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This program is offered online by Umran Green School, from A1 to B2 level. It includes Hindi, English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Korean, Russian, Italian, and Urdu. It brings people from many walks of life on a single platform. This language program now has around 500 foreign students and over 50 instructors from both rural and urban locations enrolled.

This Language Program has proven to be particularly helpful for girls and women who are unable to travel to other cities owing to restrictions, or who are unable to attempt a course that is too expensive in the education market, or who have had to abandon their studies. This Language Course is created in collaboration with the Umran Culture Program, and includes a debate on language learning and culture studies. The program includes an open discussion, education, lecture, social, cultural, and spiritual development training, as well as an opportunity for students to give a presentation with the help of our qualified educators. This program gives both urban and rural girls and boys, men and women with worldwide and high-quality knowledge, allowing them to communicate.

More than 50 teachers, 200 volunteers, 18 team members, 10 interns, 7 renowned professors, and 15 research students from several countries make up UMRAN’s present team. We are looking for volunteers to help us increase the scope of UMRAN.

The Language Program for this semester:
Languages: English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Persian, from A1 to A2 level. Please note that we have only English till B1 Level this semester, but we will have till B2 all courses in the following semester.
Type of Teachers: Native/International
For timetable please Click Here

Course Duration: 3 Months or 12 weeks total. 
Days for Classes: Saturday, Sunday & Tuesday
Note: Language lessons will be held on Saturday and Sunday, Tuesday will be the Umran Culture Program (all are Mandatory)
Time: 3 hours/week- two hours for course, and one hour for the culture program.
A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, and B2.2 are the levels of study. Each Level will have a 12-week duration (one semester). As a result, our teachers will be able to engage students with language in a more enjoyable manner, and you will have less stress, more enjoyment, and a deeper understanding of the language. Academic guidelines require students to re-register each semester.

Umran Culture Program: A weekly “Umran Cultural Curriculum” has been included in this language program. An open talk, presentation (our instructors assist them in preparing their presentations), lecture (we sometimes invite speakers), or online music is followed by a discussion on language acquisition and cultural studies. Those who are not enrolled in UMRAN Green School programs are also encouraged to participate. All students are required to participate in the Cultural Program.

Registration Process: There will be an entrance test and an interview when the application procedure is completed. Only those who pass the exam will be permitted to enroll in the course. 

Umran Entrance Exam: Umran Green School conducts an Entrance Exam for all students who want to learn the language. The Test consists of a Basic English language exam, GK, GS, Personality evaluation, reasoning, and two short paragraph essays. On the same day, we will provide the online exam paper. Those who take the English Learning Course do not have to pass the test, but they must all take it.

Entrance Exam Sample:
1. What is the currency of India?
2. 8, 5, 10, 7, 12, 9,…?
3. Who is the founder of Umran Green Perspective Foundation?
4. If Busra is my sister, and Ahmed is my brother, then what is the relation between Busra and Ahmed?
5. Where is Bihar located?
6. Write ten lines about the language you want to learn.

Application Fee: None
Course/Tution Fees: 
The course is completely freeUmran Green School offers an entrance test to qualify for enrollment. Those who pass the entrance test may enroll in the course. 

Scholarship: Scholarships are automatically provided to all students who pass the Umran Entrance Exam. As a result, every registered student receives a scholarship to learn the language. Webultrasolution, Classin, Umran Academic Research Association, Umran Green School, Umran Women’s Magazine, and SLY Library all contribute to their tuition fees, course materials, certificates, ID cards, and other services. Click here to know about the required docment to access the scholarship.

Registartion Fee:
  There is a registration fee after passing the Entrance Exam to enroll in the program. The registration fee for Indian student is 20 USD and for Non-Indian Student 25 USD.

Certificate: Upon successful completion of the course, all enrolled students will get a certificate.

Application Deadlines and Program Timeline

Application Deadline– Jan 20, 2022
Umran General Entrance Exam – Jan 23,  2022
Language Test & Interview – Jan 25 & 26, 2022 
Registration: February 1 to 3, 2022
Orientation Day: Feb 5, 2022
Classes Begin: From Feb 6, 2022
Course Ends:
April 30, 2022

Registration fee waive for Girls (Women)

Umran Green School offers a registration fee waive for underprivileged/ disadvantaged girls (or women) who are marginalized, yet dedicated to learn and develop their language skills, motivated to study with a high performance during the lessons. Scoring well on the entrance exam is one of the conditions of the scholarship/fee waive. The scholarships are given as Bruce B Lawrence Scholarship (BBL Scholarships), Sone Lal Yadav Scholarship (SLY Scholarships), and Umran Green School Scholarship (UGS Scholarships). Therefore, such dedicated girls (women) will have the chance to learn the language free of cost through the Scholarships will be given. For more information Click here

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Message for the applicants from the Founder & Managing Director

Dear all,

UMRAN is a registered non-profit organization. We aim to help people through our educational ventures. Please go through our vision and mission on the UMRAN website for more details. We are currently developing a library in one of the several underdeveloped regions of Bihar, India, where people do not have any access to books. We inaugurated the library on the 10th of January, 2021. We also aim to establish a Green School in the same area, based on sustainable practices and my research studies.

All members of Umran work very hard to achieve UMRAN’s vision with lots of dedication, prayers and sincerity. I am highly grateful to them for sharing their skills, experience and time for a noble cause that envisions a better society.

UMRAN’s current team has more than 50 teachers, 200 volunteers, 18 team members, 15 interns, 7 Professors and 16 Research Students from various countries. We invite volunteers to join our cause to help expanding the scope of UMRAN.

A small act can make a big difference! Be the part of Umran to make a big difference. 

To watch Our video – Click here

I firmly believe you will soon join the UMRAN family and continue to support the mission.

Best wishes,
Rajeev Kumar
Founder & Managing Director,
Former Student at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India
& Teaching Fellow at Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul, Turkey.

The Language Courses are partially sponsored by: 

Umran Academic Research AssociationWebultrasolutionClassin  Umran Women’s Magazine



Bruce B Lawrence Scholarship, SLY Scholarship and Umran Green School Scholarship

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