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Umran Academic Research Association (UARA)

UARA was founded by Rajeev Kumar, which draws inspiration from the teaching of Professor Bruce B Lawrence, that is barzakh logic, and the green perspective of UMRAN (sustainable approach, which values environment). Barzakh is a Quranic term that signifies “divider” or “barrier.” Prof. Bruce theorizes the term as a civilizational and cosmopolitan force. He conceives barzakh as s crucial word, as a bridge rather than a barrier that brings all cultures, people, races, and religions in communication without losing their identity or originality. According to him, barzakh is a thin line that links two areas without allowing one to be diluted by the other. He refers to it as barzakh logic. I found that, the barzakh logic may be extremely useful in overcoming the ongoing binary Hindu-Muslim or East-West conflict in contemporary culture and civilization studies, which will offer humanity a better chance.

As a result, Barzakh logic brings everything in communication, East-West, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Men-Women, Human-Nature, Evil-Good, God-Man, to attain the ultimate level of humanity and civilization- ishq, ilm al-umran, or muhabbate -e kul.

Teaching of Profesor Bruce Barzakh logic is conscience that can be found in Buddha’s karuna (compassion), Shankara’s advaita, Hallaj’s ana’l-haqq, Ibn Arabia’s wahdat al-wujud, Kabir’s poetry (which is in vernacular), Ibn Khaldun’s ilm al-umran, Abu’l Fazl’s muhabbat-e kul, and Marshall Hodgson’s Islamicate.

This academic project is organized in thematic networks focused on rethinking identity and understanding the environment, history, literature, philosophy, and practice to encourage communication in society and inspire humanity to achieve peace and prosperity.

Our International Symposium so far

Exploring Identity through Culture, Literature & History

 Next Symposium (November 20 & 21, 2021)

Identity, Violence, & Woman
Program of the Symposium

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The application for Bruce B Lawrence Scholarship is open now. The deadline for the application is till September 30th of August 2021. To apply for the application click the link below- 

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