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The BBL Scholarship

The BBL Scholarship

The name of the scholarship is the BBL Scholarship (the Bruce Bennett Lawrence Scholarship), which is dedicated to Prof. Lawrence for his contribution in the field of academics and for the vision of humanity in his scholarship, which supports the Global Green Peace Project of UMRAN.

Criteria for getting the Scholarship:

  • A student who is working with UMRAN voluntarily and is interested in UARA and qualifies for the scholarship 

  • A student who is interested in the work of the Bruce B Lawrence Scholarship 

  • A student whose answers are attractive in the UARA Survey 

  • A student who can dedicate a minimum of 16 hours in a month 

  • A student who is coming from a marginalized region and qualifies for the scholarship

The total number of scholarships and the amount: 

There will be ten scholarships total- five permanent scholarships and five as interns. The number of permanent scholarships will be 0000 USD/- month and for interns 0000 USD/month. Both permanent and interns will have to sign for one year’s contract. However, the interns will be paid only for six months in case there are more interns. After six months, other interns will be getting a scholarship. But in both cases, those interns will work with UARA for a year.


Working days and time

Working hours

Our working days will be – Saturday & Sunday

All the research students have to work a minimum 16 hours.

Role and Responsibilities of Research Students 


  • The research students will engage themselves with the reading scholarship of Prof. Bruce Lawrence, Prof. Mariam Cooke, Prof. Heba Raouf, Prof. Fatima Nasreen and Prof. Mousami G Banerjee,  and develop barzakh logic of Professor Bruce. And make the collection of the report for a year.

  • The research students will be engaged with certain projects provided by the association under the supervision of professor and senior students. 

  • One meeting in two weeks 

  • Sixteen hours total and weekend working hours. 

  • We are meeting at the weekend. 

  • Research training for students 

  • Communicating with universities and colleges to invite students 

  • Organize discussions and give them training in academic writing 

  • Help students to reach resources for their research work. 

  • Encourage students and scholars to associate themselves with UMRAN 


  • Encourage them to work on the scholarships of Prof. Bruce Lawrence, Prof. Mariam Cooke, Prof. Heba Raouf, Prof. Fatima Nasreen and Prof. Mousami G Banerjee. 

Area of work 

  • Exploring “Identity” through Culture, Literature, and History

  • Identity as a philosophical concept

  • The notion of self and processes of self-formation

  • Cultural Identity: practices of inclusion & exclusion to form communities

  • Boundaries as a method of identity formation

  • History, identity formation, and identity politics

  • Indigenous identities in literature & history 

  • Resistance literature

  • Re-thinking History as Global Identity

  • How does History shape Literature and Identity?

  • Identity, violence, and woman

We commit to provide students the following 

  1. Induction and training  


  • To provide thorough induction on the work of the UARA, its staff, your role, and the training and necessary responsibilities.


  1. Supervision, support, and flexibility  

  • To define appropriate standards of our services, to communicate them to you, and to encourage and support you to achieve and maintain them as part of your research work  

  • To provide a personal supervisor who will meet with you regularly to discuss your role and any associated problems  

  • To do our best to help you develop your role with us and be flexible in using your research.  


  1. Equal opportunities

  • To ensure that all researchers are dealt with in accordance with our equal opportunities policy (the policy will be shared later).


  1. Certificate and experience  

  • To ensure every researcher and intern is provided a certificate after the completion of the assignment.  


  1. Safe & confidential environment 

  • To ensure a safe environment in which to perform your role.  

  • To ensure value and respect for your privacy, including keeping your private information confidential. 


  1. Problems  

  • To endeavor to resolve in a fair and just manner any problems, grievances, or difficulties which may be encountered while you work with us;  

  • In the event of an unresolved problem, to offer an opportunity to discuss the issues.  

Terms & Conditions:

The paid research students will sign a research contract for one year. In case they break the contract, they will have to pay all scholarships back.


The paid research students will give a total of 16 hours in a month, as would an intern.


They will have a meeting once a week or as per requirements. There might be an additional meeting too.