SLY Library for Underpriviledged Girls in Bihar

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SLY Library for Underpriviledged Girls in Bihar

We aim to establish a proper library based on the Bauhaus Model (Exhibition Model), in order to engage youth in appropriate activities, and encourage marginalized children to pursue their higher education, giving them hope, especially for girls and vulnerable children who are at risk of being lost due to insufficient educational institutions, supervision, and culture. This educational endeavor through SLY Library will help to foster a positive culture in the area as well.

About Us

Umran Green Perspective Foundation is a registered non-profit organization on dated 17-JUL-2020 on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of the Foundation is U85300BR2020NPL046904, and the registration number is 046904. We are 12 A & 80 G registered. Umran was founded by Rajeev Kumar with the goal of empowering women, encouraging communication in society, and inspiring humanity to achieve peace and prosperity through its unique educational programs that re-imagine the world and foster environmental respect.

This library will serve as an educational and cultural emblem, making it a more functional library. It is divided into four divisions, each of which addresses a particular educational requirement. The first component is the reading portion, which includes a variety of children’s books. The second portion will include youngsters in the arts (painting), which will be displayed and sold to encourage young people. The third portion is dedicated to music and theatre, which will involve youngsters in appropriate activities, while the fourth section is dedicated to the café. This area will facilitate communication between adults and youngsters.

Location: Jaynagar, Bihar

This project discovered that more than 99.9% of students and especially girls in Jaynager have no access to higher education for generations. When we talk about marginalized children, who are majority in population in the city, they are 0 % in higher education. That makes the city and ultimately Bihar backward in terms of education and culture. From that context, this project wants to find out solutions faced by those children or students and especially girls when offering chance to have access to education as their rights.

The place is Jaynagar City, which is one of the significant cities of the state Bihar, with the city alone the total population is more than 1 million. There are a major challenges in the region such as caste system, gender inequality and religious tension, ignorance, lack of ideas and direction, illiteracy, corruption, and poverty. Due to lack of education, children have started involving in illegal activities, which has impacted their lifestyle and future negatively. It is unfortunate to say that there is no big organization working in the entire region for the development of education. Therefore, the region is in urgent need of organized and visionary help. This project, which is based on the Bauhaus project, has been designed in such a way that it can slowly eradicate those challenges and make the region prosper and a model for other regions.

This project will provide youngsters with a variety of opportunities to cultivate a positive outlook, especially for females and vulnerable children who are at risk of being lost due to insufficient educational institutions, supervision, and culture.

Therefore we appeal people to support this project to execute it successfully.


Bank Details:


Account No.: 920010071090803
IFSC Code: UTIB0004252
Name of the Bank: Axis Bank, Bihar(India)

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