Those who have completed their course satisfactorily can enroll in the following level. If you have not completed the course, you may re-register at the same level to repeat the course (without paying). In any case, you must register again.


Students must re-register each semester. This is not a one-time registration, and the registration fee may change each semester depending on our team’s collective decision. 


Students are not charged any course costs. The Umran Green Perspective Foundation covers complete course tuition to UGS via scholarship.

Please keep in mind that our teams work very hard to provide this opportunity. For this reason, we only seek serious students who understand and appreciate it. We recognize that some students may take it for granted, and it is possible that we may discontinue providing this kind of financial assistance in the future if the opportunity is misused.  

Your understanding and support will be greatly appreciated.


Registration Fee:  1550 Rs (INR) for All


(This small amount we charge for registration is used to maintain the organization’s functioning.)


The registration process will be untill  July 8, 2022.  After that, we will not take any registration.


The registration Fee for all is 1550 INR, and 

Registration Deadline: 8 July, 2022

Orientation Day: 16 July, 2022 (4:00 PM Istanbul Time)

Classes Begin: 17 July, 2022

Course Ends: 30 September, 2022


Register here 

List of passed Students who will be awarded certificate 

(Students listed below have completed the course successfully)
English (A1.1)English (A 1.2)French (A1.2)
RehanyeAnjum NishaVandana
Kobra GomnamRabiyaManjeet
Md. NomannZekiya IlhanSwati
Md. Minhaj AlamMd. BasharatullahAsath Ali
English (B1.1)Md. MonishSadique
Yasamain MoatmediMd. SafdarMayesha
Mohd BilalNivedita TrivediAzharuddin
Abdur RahmanMd. Saquib RazaSujata
Keya KavlaniMd. GhazaliSwasan
Turkish (A1.1)Ehsan AnsariShivam
SadiaMd. NaushadPersian (A1.1)
NabeelaTurkish (A1.2)Moh Minhaj Shaikh
SaimaRuksarRana Celik
HeenaMohammad AsifPersian (A1.2)
Shoeb AhmedMustaq AhmedFathima M
Deep SikhaArabic (A1.1)Mohammad Jalil Iqbal Khaki
InshaAyesha SalimGerman (A1.1)
Arabic (A1.2)Ghazala FarrtoqiFiroz Alam
AbdulrahmanMohammad WassequeHuzaifa Khan
Wahaj German (A1.2)
Souandaou Iman Sinha
  Mohammad Firoz
  Javed Khan