Congratulations to everyone on qualifying for the final selection of the competition. You all have shown exceptional talent, and it was a challenging task for us to evaluate your performances. Well done!


Nayab Sarwar – Small Changes: Big Impact

Mohammed Arshad Khan – Mental Health Awareness

Eram Naaz – The Power of Unity

Gulsaba – Small Changes: Big Impact

Md Dilshad Ahmad – The Power of Unity

Nazifa Perween – The Importance of Digital Literacy in the Modern Age

Murshid Mallick – Social Media

Noori Nazra – The Future of Work for the 21st Century

Sanjana Kumari – The Importance of Digital Literacy

Shaheen Anwar – Environmental Conservation: Our Responsibility

Shaziya Anjum – Address Poverty: A Global

ChallengeSonam – Cultural Exchanges: Learning from Diversity

Tamanna Perween – Environmental Conservation: Our Responsibility

Zakiya Khalda – Social Media

Naziya Perween- Women in Leadership