Objectives of UARA

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Objectives of UARA


Total Activities in a Year 

Names of Activities

Number of activities


Research Training (UARA Research scholar will give academic training to students and engage them with this project)



Academic writing (UARA research students will produce a total of 12 academic works that will result in a book)



Academic talk (in national languages: UARA scholars will organize talks in their local languages to disseminate the knowledge)



Academic talk (in the international language: Seminars inviting professors to talk about their scholarships)



International Symposium



The Project’s Objectives 


UARA is therefore founded to establish communication in the society through this educational and research project focusing on:

  • Encouraging collaboration amongst educational researchers at the global level

  • Promoting communication between educational researchers and international organizations such as …….

  • Improving communication amongst educational research associations and institutes till the marginalized regions of the world

  • They are disseminating the findings of educational research and highlighting their contribution to implementation and practice.

  • Promote collaboration in research, improve research quality

  • Separate education from commercialization and develop the global perspective in students for the next generation. 

  • The research students will be organizing academic talks regularly in both English and regional languages. They will help students develop their knowledge of research methodology and resources for their research. 

  • They will also help them in the development of their academic writing skills.  

  • This association will work towards establishing an international University in Bihar named Umran Green University.

  • Focus on the teaching and scholarship of Bruce B Lawrence

Role and Responsibilities of Research Students 


  • The research students will engage themselves with the reading scholarship of Prof. Bruce Lawrence, Prof. Mariam Cooke, Prof. Heba Raouf, Prof. Fatima Nasreen and Prof. Mousami G Banerjee,  and develop barzakh logic of Professor Bruce. And make the collection of the report for a year.

  • The research students will be engaged with certain projects provided by the association under the supervision of professor and senior students. 

  • One meeting in two weeks 

  • Sixteen hours total and weekend working hours. 

  • We are meeting at the weekend. 

  • Research training for students 

  • Communicating with universities and colleges to invite students 

  • Organize discussions and give them training in academic writing 

  • Help students to reach resources for their research work. 

  • Encourage students and scholars to associate themselves with UMRAN 


  • Encourage them to work on the scholarships of Prof. Bruce Lawrence, Prof. Mariam Cooke, Prof. Heba Raouf, Prof. Fatima Nasreen and Prof. Mousami G Banerjee. 

Area of work 


  • Exploring “Identity” through Culture, Literature, and History

  • Identity as a philosophical concept

  • The notion of self and processes of self-formation

  • Cultural Identity: practices of inclusion & exclusion to form communities

  • Boundaries as a method of identity formation

  • History, identity formation, and identity politics

  • Indigenous identities in literature & history 

  • Resistance literature

  • Re-thinking History as Global Identity

  • How does History shape Literature and Identity?

  • Identity, violence, and woman