We are envisioning an UMRAN Green School in Madhubani, Bihar(India).


We are envisioning an UMRAN Green School, which draws inspiration from Walter Gropius’s Bauhaus School & Ibn Haldun’s concept of UMRAN. It is being established physically in Madhubani, Bihar(India). However, UMRAN Green School is being operated worldwide online to provide free education to all bringing different sections of societies to one platform.

UMRAN is a concept. It is wisdom that is being developed into a set of cultures which will encourage a communicative society & inspire humanity towards peace and prosperity via a unique education process that re-imagine the material world & gives value & respect to the environment. 

UMRAN The Green Perspective thus aims at working towards achievement of an all-inclusive global society by means

  1. Establishment of a specialized educational structure that promotes harmony, tolerance and true sense of belongingness panning across various cultures of the world, as well as
  2. Promotion of sensitivity to our immediate and global environment, to preserve it and to harness its power for collective betterment and prosperity of the human society.

 Once the philosophy was firmly planted, UMRAN The Green Perspective started rolling out various initiatives to achieve its mission.

Mission – 

First initiative of UMRAN is the establishment of The Green School in Madhubani, Bihar. The Green School will be modeled around the Bauhaus Concept in both its design and its education syllabus. 

Alongwith the Green School is the establishment of SLY Library, which will be an exhaustive reference library for content viz., stories, arts and craft for the kids. This sort of vast intellectual space to explore, coupled with the visionary curriculum of The Green School aims at providing a next level of global exposure to young minds, so as to expand their intellectual horizons and evolve into able citizens of a global society.

UMRAN has also rolled out a lot of activities concerning ecological preservation and development, aiming at the same time to inspire and re-shape the modern day conveniences harnessing the power of nature thus bringing in more green into everyone’s life.

In addition to this, UMRAN also provides a wide range of Foreign Language courses as well as internship programs aimed at both skill development as well as giving them a chance to contribute towards The Green Perspective in the capacity of their individual skill sets. UMRAN also plays host to a weekly cross-cultural exchange where artists from various cultures introduce the world to their art forms viz., music, painting and so on as well as cultural seminars to discuss prominent works or personalities associated with different cultures across the world.

Education is emancipation but right education is salvation.

We support good causes & try to develop a communicative society all over the world.

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