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Mission & Vision of UARA


Separate education from commercialization and develop the global green perspective in students. The research students will be organizing academic talks regularly in both English and regional languages. They will help students develop their knowledge of research methodology and resources for their research. They will also help them in the development of their academic writing skills. The research students will also work on a specific research project.   


This association will work towards the establishment of an international University in Bihar named Umran Green University. Bihar is the backward state of India today. Once, it used to be the center of education, politics, and culture. But, for many years, it lost its glory. Now it is in dire need of an excellent educational center, which could help Bihar to re-establish its past so that Bihar could become more productive and contributive to humanity.

Scope for Research Students:

If the research students work with us for long, they have an opportunity to become lecturers at the university that UMRAN envisions. 

How UARA started 


UARA was founded in March 2021 due to the successful conclusion of the UMRAN International Symposium 2021. The UMRAN Green Perspective Foundation organized it under the leadership of Rajeev Kumar, supported by Professor Bruce B Lawrence and Dr. Vahdettin Işık, Director at the Alliance of Civilizations, Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul. A brief idea of the project was primarily proposed to Professor Lawrence. After the positive response from Prof. Bruce, Rajeev Kumar communicated with Prof. Mousumi G Banerjee from The EFL University, Shillong, India, and Professor Heba Raouf from the Ibn Haldun University. Both of them found it exciting and promising.  

Functionality of UARA ( Board members and Research students)

We formed an academic association called Umran Academic Research Association. We will have some professors as Board Members of UARA and some students as members of UARA. These Member students will conduct educational activities with the help of Board members of UARA. All will be unpaid. UARA will promote the scholarships or works of Board members (Professors).


The Board Meeting will be once a year (or as per suggestion of Board members) after or before the International symposium UARA conducts. UARA will call the Professors in two types of events; (1) In an international symposium as panelist, and (2) In international academic talks (individually). In international academic conferences, professors can also talk about their scholarships and guide students for academics. If a Professor is engaged in a Project with the UARA as a supervisor, that will be a different time investment. 


UARA will also work on invested academic projects. For that, UARA will spend the received funds for the project on Professor (who will be supervising the project), Foundation, students (who are permanent members of the UARA, if possible), and hired research students (who will work on the project). 


For example, our first project will be on the scholarship of Professor Bruce B Lawrence. The project name is the B B L Research Project, and the theme of the project will be The Bruce B Lawrence Reader: Islam Cosmopolitanism and Fundamentalism in Technical Age. UARA has drafted this project of 17 pages and will look for funds to work on it. Total ten research students will be working on this – 3 Ph.D., 4 Master’s, and 3 final-year undergraduate students. Seven will be fully paid, and three will be partially paid as interns. However, more unpaid interns can join this project as well. Member students of UARA can also apply for this paid Research project, if they are eligible for the project. The eligibility will be decided by committee members and by the process of UARA. 

The scholarship given to research students by UARA will be called the Bruce B Lawrence Scholarship (the BBL Scholarship), for every project.