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Fundraising for Umran Green School

Umran is raising fund towards building a school in Jaynagar, Madhubani, Bihar, for the vulnerable children who are at the risk of going astray due to lack of proper educational institution, guidance and culture. This school is a set of a Green Culture, which draws inspiration from Walter Gropius’s Bauhaus School, Ibn Haldun’s concept of Umran and Bamboo Green School Bali.

I, Rajeev Kumar, Founder and Managing Director of Umran Green Perspective Foundation, was born and grown up in a small village called Akaunha (Jaynagar) in Bihar, India. I received a Bachelor’s degree in German Language and Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and in 2013, I got a scholarship to visit Germany as a DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) student. In 2013 and 2014, I visited Turkey to participate in an International conference. During these visits, not only did I get the opportunity to have enriching educational experiences but also varied cultural and linguistically diverse exposure which has informed my research. Traveling abroad and within India has given me first-hand experience in understanding and interacting with culturally diverse people and societies which is why I decided to pursue a Master’s program in German Literature and Philosophy at Jawaharlal Nehru University and pursued research in cultural studies. My Master’s thesis titled “Bauhaus als kulturelle Metaphor im 20. Jhs” (Bauhaus as cultural metaphor in the 20th Century) helped me cement my understanding of the cultivation of culture through art and architecture that Walter Gropius did with the establishment of a school called Bauhaus that I implemented into my project called Umran. After completing two years of Master’s studies, I decided to work in the industry to gain practical experience.

My professional career started with Dutch Airlines in the Social Media Team as a German Language Expert in Delhi, the central part of India. After a while, I joined Integra Software Services in Pondicherry (Tamil Nadu), the Southern part of India, as a Project Manager. In this role, I handled the production of academic books and magazines such as the Geographische Rundschau and various projects of Springer, categorized under the fields of medicine, psychology, and culture studies in both German and English. Working with a book production organization not only helped me learn how a book is produced and structured in terms of style, consistency, etc. but also understand management strategies that aided me later. This process of engaging with books inspired me to get back to academia.

In 2017, I got a scholarship to pursue a Master’s studies at Ibn Haldun University which provided me with a rich environment to experience Islam both theoretically and practically, through the teaching of al-Ghazali. It gave me a completely new perspective of life. My experience at the university helped me not only in acquiring knowledge and ilm, but also in applying them in real life. I founded “Umran” as a non-profit organization (Umran Green Perspective Foundation) to establish a school in my hometown for vulnerable children from my community who are at risk of going astray due to lack of proper educational institutions, guidance, and culture. With this vision, I first established a first-of-its-kind library called SLY Library. Its concept and structure provide thousands of school-going children in the region with an environment of learning and diverse cultural activities intending to offer a new ray of hope for generations of my community. The library consists of four sections as a set of culture- study section, music section, art gallery and café. It will also serve as a model of UMRAN Green Residential School.

Furthermore, I operate an online school, called Umran Green School, which provides free language courses for fifteen languages (Hindi, English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Persian, Korean, Russian, Italian, and Urdu from A1 to B2 Level) as it brings people from all walks of life together on one platform. A weekly “Umran Cultural Program” is also organized online that brings together the language learners from several countries together to discuss ideas and share their culture with the broader Umran followers and subscribers. Today more than 1000 international students and more than 40 international teachers are engaged with this language program from both rural and urban areas. I strongly believe that the zeal and potential of this project, that I have designed, which is a very long journey of mine, will benefit people across the border and nations.

Hence, I request all to help Umran towards building this visionary school called Umran Green School in Jaynagar, Madhubani, Bihar as a model of quality education.

Save RS 10/Month for School

Campaign starts on

# 21/05/2021

Organiser details

Umran Green Perspective Foundation, 140-Baldiha, Jaynagar, Madhubani, Bihar, India

Account No.: 920010071090803IFSC Code: UTIB0004252
Name of the Bank: Axis Bank, Bihar(India)

For Turkey residents:
Account Holder’s Name: Rajeev Kumar
Name of the Bank: Ziraat Bank
IBAN : TR40 0001 0017 9684 1434 0550 01
Istanbul, Turkey

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