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Umran Green School-Winter Semester

Umran Green School-Winter Semester

Please read the description below before applying.

UMRAN provides free language courses to interested people. The languages will help them meet their educational goals and give them culturally diverse exposure, which will help address humanitarian and cooperation issues at an international level. We aim to re-imagine a better world with fewer social divides and environment-friendly mindsets.

UMRAN Green Perspective Foundation is a registered non-profit organization founded by Rajeev Kumar to encourage communication in society and inspire humanity to achieve peace and prosperity through its unique educational programs that re-imagine the world and foster respect for the environment. UMRAN aims to establish UMRAN Green School, drawing inspiration from Walter Gropius’s Bauhaus School and Ibn Haldun’s concept of “umran”. Preparations for laying down its foundation are underway at Madhubani in Bihar (India). Umran initiated this dream project with the establishment of the SLY Library in the small city of Bihar, called Jaynagar, on the 10th of January 2020.

Umran Green School currently operates online by providing free language courses for twelve languages as it brings people from all walks of life together on one platform. This language program has been designed with a weekly “UMRAN Cultural Program”. It offers Hindi, English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Korean, Russian, Italian, and Urdu, from A1 to B2 level. Today almost 500 international students and more than 40 teachers are engaged in this language program from both rural and urban areas.

Language Program:
Languages:  Hindi, English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Korean, Russian, Italian, and Urdu, from A1 to B2 level.

Course duration: 3 Months or 14 weeks total. 
Class DaysSaturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
Time: 4 hours/week- two hours for course, one hour remedial class, and one hour for culture program.
Note: Saturday and Sunday will be the Language classes. Monday will be the remedial class, and Tuesday is the Umran Culture Program ( all are Mandatory)
time table please Click Here
Course Fee and Application Fee : None

Registartion Fee:
here is a registration fee. Only qualified students are allowed to registered for the course. To qualify for the registration, Umran Green School conducts an Entrance exam. Those who pass the Entrance exam can register for the course—the registration Fee for Indian students is 1120 INR or approximately 15 USD, and for the students outside India, the fee is 20 USD.

Registration Process:
After the application process is over, there will be an entrance exam and an interview. Only those who pass the test and interview, would be able to register for the course by completing the payment.  These fee are used to support of UMRAN’s projects and programs. It is not applicable for UMRAN volunteers and students from Akaunha village.

30% Fee waive
for the students of Umran Green School who continue the course. 

Provided to all the registered students upon course completion

Cultural Program: The program consists of an open talk, elocution, lecture, or presentation followed by a discussion on language learning and culture studies. We also encourage participation from those who are not enrolled in UMRAN programs. Cultural Program is mandatory for all the students.*Participation in the weekly Cultural Program is mandatory for all the students on Tuesday for an hour.

Language Program Timeline

Application Process – Till August 20, 2021
Umran General Entrance Exam – August 22,  2021
Language Test & Interview
– August 28 & 29 
: September 5 to 12
Orientation & Certificate Day
: September 18
Classes begin
: From September 19, 2021
Note: There might be some chnages in case of any technical issue.
Old Time table of the Classes – click here 

Click here to see the syllabus. Please visit our school’s page for the detail.

Message for the applicants from the Founder & Managing Director

Dear all,

UMRAN is a non-profit registered organization. Our aim is to help people through our educational ventures. Please go through our vision and mission on UMRAN website for more details.

We are currently engaged in the development of a library in one of the several underdeveloped regions of Bihar, India where people do not have any access to books. We inaugurated the library on the 10th of January, 2021. We also aim to establish a Green School in the same area which will be based on sustainable practices based on my research.

The nominal registration charge does not reflect the true level of services UMRAN provides. It is necessary for the minimal maintenance of our programs. All our volunteers are working very hard to achieve UMRAN’s vision with lots of dedication and sincerity that goes above and beyond what is expected of them. I am extremely grateful to them for sharing their skills, experience and time for a noble cause that envisions a better society.

UMRAN’s current team has more 50 teachers, 50 volunteers, 18 team members, 10 interns, 7 Profesors and 10 Research Students from various countries. We invite volunteers to join our cause to help expand the scope of UMRAN.

A small act can make a big difference! This is how UMRAN started. Today you all have applied here to learn the language free or even with minimal cost all because a small step was taken.

Please do watch our video – Click here

I believe you will soon be a part of UMRAN family and continue to support our cause.

Best wishes,
Rajeev Kumar
Founder & Managing Director,
Former Student at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India
& Teaching Fellow at Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul, Turkey.

For the Application follow the link below -
Click here for the free application


How to donate?


Please consider a wire transfer to one of the following accounts:
Account No.: 920010071090803IFSC Code: UTIB0004252
Name of the Bank: Axis Bank, Bihar(India)
For Turkey residents:
Account Holder’s Name: Rajeev Kumar
Name of the Bank: Ziraat Bank
IBAN : TR40 0001 0017 9684 1434 0550 01
Istanbul, Turkey
Address & Contact details:
Office Address: At 140 Baldiha Bandh, Jaynagar, Madhubani, Bihar
Contact Landline number: +916246296033
Mobile: +919599617237
WhatsApp: +905531719546
Twitter: umranorgindia

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