As a student, you agree to conform to certain standards that concern UMRAN, related to classroom norms and expectations: 


The student must understand the proper classroom behavior. The classroom is a learning-centered environment in which the students and teachers must be able to focus on the learning process

The student must act in a mature manner and act respectfully towards the teacher and their classmates. Please, dress appropriately when you attend the classes and make sure you do not disrupt the class with background noises or with comments that are not related to the
learning process.

The student must take responsibility for their education. Please attend the classes regularly as a
token of appreciation of the hard work of our volunteer teachers. Missing classes consecutively without providing a genuine reason to your teacher will pave the way of your penalization meaning that you will not be allowed to attend the course anymore and may not be allowed to apply in the future.

The student must also attend regularly the UMRAN CULTURAL PROGRAM.

The student must attend the class on time. Please do not be a factor that would disrupt the learning process by becoming a distraction. Make the most out of your time in the class.

The student must attend the class in a quiet environment.

The student must respect other students’ time by allowing others to ask questions too. It is very good to ask questions and try to understand and make the best of your learning opportunities but you should not make the experience all about yourself by not allowing the instructor to complete their program and/or other students to make comments too. Keep the questions topic-related.

The student must come to class well-prepared. Please do the assignments your teacher assigns in time as this helps you to get the most out of this learning experience.

 The student agrees to provide with written notification to the teacher or the organization in case they want to drop out.


Best wishes

UMRAN Green School