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Children Special English Course-International

Children Special English Course-International

UMRAN GREEN SCHOOL offers a special online English language course for children all around the world. UMRAN tries to make best use of technology to provide quality education to the marginalized children of the world bringing children from all sections of the world to one platform. This way the marginalized students will able to receive quality education in a culturally-diverse environment as they will be interacting and learning languages and engaging in cultural immersion for the first time with students from various parts of Latin America, India, Turkey, Iran, Germany, Pakistan, the USA, Albania, Syria, Palestine, Egypt. This course will be very beneficial for children especially during this pandemic.

Our qualified teacher for children will be engaging them with certain activities like storytelling, learning words, structuring simple sentences, reading children books and communicating with each other to develop certain feelings towards each other, this will also lead them towards global peace and prosperity for the future of humanity.

Date : The application for the Language Programme will take place from 28th of December to 6th January.

Classe will start from 9th of January, 2021. Classes may start late in case of large number of applications or some other reasons.

Course duration: 12 weeks

Course registration: UMRAN is a non-profit organization. Therefore, there is the least amount kept for the registration for the course and make students serious at this platform. Course registration is 150 INR for the children from remote areas and 500 INR ( approx 7USD) for the children from urban areas. This amount is received as donation in good faith and will be used solely for support and maintenance purposes. In some students registration charge can be waived as well.

Cultural Program or Event: The cultural event consists of an open talk. We encourage participation from all whether they are associated with UMRAN or not. Please follow our social media account to receive updates:

Note: Cultural Events is the part of the Language Program, therefore students must not miss the Event.

Click here for the application 
Click here for the Donation
For Turkish account:
Name: Rajeev Kumar
Name of the Bank: Ziraat Bank
IBAN : TR40 0001 0017 9684 1434 0550 01
Istanbul, Turkey  

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