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Bruce B Lawrence Scholarship

Bruce B Lawrence Scholarship

Umran Academic Research Association (UARA) is an academic project intended by the UMRAN Organization. This project aims to engage students with academics and produce a book titled: The Bruce B Lawrence Reader: Islam Cosmopolitanism and Fundamentalism in Technical Age. This book will be the second series of the already published book The Bruce B Lawrence: Islam beyond Border. The selected students will be awarded scholarships throughout the project under the name of BBL Scholarship (Bruce Bennet Lawrence scholarship), which is dedicated to Professor Lawrence for his contribution in the field of academics and for the vision of humanity in his scholarship, which supports the Global Green Peace Project of UMRAN. 


Supervisor: Professor Bruce B Lawrence 

The project will not be limited to book writing but also involves other academic activities such as organizing symposiums, academic talks, and seminars. Thus, students involved will have to show that they can organize such events and are dedicated to participating in the whole process. In general, the criteria of the participants are as follow:


A student who is working with UMRAN voluntarily and is interested in UARA and qualify for the scholarship

A student who is interested in the work of Bruce Lawrence scholarships 

A student whose answers are attractive in the UARA-Survey 

A student who can dedicate a minimum of 16 hours in a month

A student who is coming from a marginalized region and qualify for the scholarship


There will be ten scholarships total- 3 PhD, 5 Master, and 2 final year of undergraduate. UARA will also allow unpaid interns to work on this project. Scholarships will be 500 Turkish Lira to 1000 Turkish Lira, based on the qualification of the student. All students will sign one year’s contract. However, the interns will be paid only for six months in case there are more interns. After six months, other interns will be getting a scholarship. But in both cases, those interns will work with UARA for a year.


The selected students will have the responsibility to work a minimum of 16 hours per week. They will:


-Engage themselves with reading the book of Bruce Lawrence and note that and develop his barzakh logic. And make the collection of the report for a year.

-Engage with specific projects provided by the association under the supervision of senior students.

-Participate in one meeting in two weeks 

-Participate in research training for students 

-Communicate with universities and colleges to invite students 

-Organize discussions and give them training in academic writing 

-Help students to reach resources for their research work.

-Encourage them to associate themselves with UMRAN.

-Introducing the work of Bruce B Lawrence and work on the scholarships of Bruce B Lawrence.


Working days and time

Working hours

Our working days will be – Saturday & Sunday

All the research students have to work a minimum 16 hours.


Total Activities in a Year 

Names of Activities

Number of activities


Research Training (UARA Research scholar will give academic training to students and engage them with this project)


Academic writing (UARA research students will produce a total of 12 academic works that will result in a book)


Academic talk (in national languages: UARA scholars will organize talks in their local languages to disseminate the knowledge)


Academic talk (in the international language: Seminars inviting professors to talk about their scholarships)


International Symposium


BBL Scholarship: The scholarship will be provided to dedicated students who will be selected through a process. The amount of scholarship will be 500-1000 Turkish Lira.





Full Name


Current Country of Stay

Mobile and whatspp number with country code





Bachelor Degree (Major, University)

Master’s Degree (if any) (Major, University)

Ph.D. (if any) (Major, University)

Research Interest

Research experience

Published papers (if any)

Attended conferences (if any)

Are you interested in applying as: 



 The link for the survey will be shared after the interview. 



Upload a motivation letter (not exceeding 1000 words) about: yourself, your education background, research experience, and your interest, which of Professor Lawrence’s work you are interested in, and why you are a good candidate for this project, what will be your topic to work on the project. 

Deadline for application: The deadline for the application is till September 30th of August 2021. To apply for the application click the link below- 

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